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    Content Management

    If you want your company to stand out in the vast universe of the internet, you need good content. Administrating content and the handling of electronically enhanced documents is called Content Management. There are certain systems which can help you to plough through huge amounts of information and data, without losing much time and effort. One of those systems is Typo3. This system makes your data accessible to your target group via internet, extranet or intranet.

    You Don’t Have to Be a Coder to Be a Content Manager. No HTML or XML Knowledge Required.

    An effective Content Management means cooperative actions and processes that are responsible for making digital information available. Moreover, the distribution and storage mechanisms are all part of this progress. There are many CMS (Content Management System) around, for example Typo3 or Wordpress. Those systems enable you to have more control over the content you present in the web. Both examples are standard software tools. Using those makes it easy to change your contents according to you wishes. If you need to optimize the structure of your website, deactivate or update data, those CMS are perfect for you because you don’t have to be a pro to use them. The user interface was created especially for non-coders so pretty much everyone can use them and not worry about knowing all the latest technology.

    One CMS, Lots of Advantages

    There are many advantages if you have an expert service provider establish a CMS like Typo3:

    • CMS interfaces are very user friendly and enable you to update your website without much further ado.
    • By using the editor function, you can easily post content and publish it on your website.
    • Multiple users with individual passwords enable a differentiated administration of your website.
    • Inthe CMS, we differentiate betweencontent, layout and navigation; a fact which makes you very flexible when it comes to changes in the market and demand analyses.
    • A thorough QA (quality assessment) before the first publication of contents leads to a more enjoyable visit for the user or visitor of your website.
    • Contents can easily be exported as other data formats, for example PDF.

    Optimize Your Web Presence with the Symbiosis of Individual Coding and a CMS

    Please keep in mind that the concept for a fully-functional Content Management System such as Typo3 should be handled by professionals. We can set up the CMS according to your needs and after this initial stage you can independently manage your contents and the usage of data. After getting started, you should think about the next steps: What do you want your website to do? As your competent partner, we can help you to optimize the functions and efficiency of your website. If you update the functionality of your CMS, you can even use it to administrate customer and supplier data. Furthermore, categorizing your files won’t be any problem either. This is something a standard CMS cannot do and this is where we come in. By individually programming your CMS, we can achieve a unique website which is all we ever wanted, isn’t it?