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    Let’s face it- mail order has changed a lot. Especially in the last ten years or so. In the olden days, catalogues were the safe option for distance trade. They were the main revenue item and responsible for all transactions. With the emergence of online shopping, the priorities of a business’ sales department have changed. Your customers expect you to keep track of the growing requirements of your sector. Nowadays, it is all about an encompassing e-business with different interwoven systems or networks.

    E-Trade Is Still in Its Infancy

    If an online shop is part of your portfolio, you’re aware of the importance of ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) when it comes to e-commerce. Not only that has changed, the priorities have also shifted. Software built for data input, stock-keeping and disposition, advertising media control/analysis as well as the batch organization, has lost its headstart. Quite some time ago, the focus shifted to an electronic frontend system with its virtual market place and an online shop. Of course there’s even more to it because of all the new trends and developments in the e-commerce department. Many experts insist that e-commerce is still in its infancy and this theory is proven by constant improvements in new sales platforms with innovative sales concepts and new online payment systems.

    Special Software Solutions and Individual Coding – A Match Made in Heaven

    Would you like to adjust your business to the new developments in technology? Don’t hesitate to ask experts to support you – we know our stuff. On the one hand, we offer to install appropriate software such as OXID for you. On the other hand, there is an enormous amount of interfaces that have to be included into a complex structure. Our individual coding can guide you through the various challenges by working out concepts for a sustainable and compatible system. Simply put, we build a system that works. By using OXID, we can implement e-commerce solutions, B2B concepts and the positioning of your brand. Moreover, the integration of complete solutions or concepts into convoluted systems can also be achieved. Naturally, all of this is developed according to international trade concepts. Especially when your systems are working on high capacity, or you’re yet to achieve this status, OXID is a reliable partner for your venture. OXID can also be used for the implementation of very specific parameters.

    Do you want your business to stay ahead of technical development? Then you have found just the right partner in us. Not only will we implement your online shop into the appropriate ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), but we also include payment partners such as iPayment or Heidelpay. Because we care very much about individual coding, we are able to provide you with complete concepts for product configurators or search assistants by including new modules into the pre-existing system. If you choose to use a system such as for example OXID as your preferred user software, our constant consultation will keep you up-to-date on all developments in the online shopping world. All your systems will be updated regularly according to changes to the market and new technology trends. And in order for you to be able to sleep at night, we’ll make sure to frequently check and improve data security standards to make your online shop run as smoothly as possible.