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    Hosting / Server

    Good Hosting Protects Your Data

    It is quite astonishing how much money is wasted every year because valuable data gets lost. Many companies had to call it a day simply because of the wrong hosting provider. Looking and planning ahead is vital for an entrepreneur and this also applies to managing a professional and effective hosting, or server hosting. In the long run, server hosting heightens the safety standard of your server. The costs of developing an internal security network to protect your server administration are very high, and they stay high because you always have to maintain the system. It is definitely advisable to find a trustworthy partner who offers you fast and safe server systems- completely adjusted to your needs. The best case scenario is using one provider for the administration of hosting packages, servers and cloud services. Not only will this save you time and money, but your online presence will bear an unmistakable signature. A single provider basically means: more security and incredibly quick data transfer.

    Individuality, Security and Speed. The Cornerstones of Effective Hosting

    Technically, it’s all about die individual development of systems that are made to fit your demands. You let us know what your expertise is and we will find the best offer for you for hosting your server and data. We take care of your data by constantly storing and controlling your data. Are frequent updates and security issues your worst nightmare? Don’t worry; we will keep track of this as well. Basically, we‘ll manage your entire server administration. There is also another important point to keep in mind: the faster your data transfer the better. If your website offers an online shop or any kind of downloads, performance really is the key to success. We’ll research the best solution for you and take care of the entire transaction. Furthermore, we promise to ensure that your server is under constant supervision. 24/7.

    With Our Experience, We Optimise the Implementation of Cloud Systems

    If you need several domains or a specific user login area, you have to be able to trust a functional system. In this case, we generate dedicated servers to constantly check your performance and manage all accounts. This process requires a lot of transparency towards our client. We provide thorough reporting in order to discover and analyse sources of errors. Reporting is a must because it also simplifies the elimination of those errors and makes the management of servers much smoother. A part of our portfolio also includes the embedding of appropriate cloud systems. Technology can only work for you and be implemented in your system if your cloud services allow it. A cloud service should only integrate changes, not generate completely new data – trust us, this can take ages.

    Regarding hosting, the cloud or your server, you have found the right people for the job. We will protect your data and develop a symbiosis of encompassed hosting, intelligent cloud services and the right kind of software. Our service package consists of: database and web hosting solutions, email hosting and hosting of individual services such as Fileserver or video streaming. This package ensures a thorough overview over the topic of hosting and cloud services. Additionally, we will always leave room for individual custom-made solutions.